пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Useless elections

Yesterday rode the bus, and an ordinary woman going out to the bus stop, shouted to the passengers: ... I am sure that she really believe in their words, and no one pays her for 85 rubles for each bus.

However, the amazing paradox is that most of these elections are not necessary for those who go on them. As well as those who will opt for a single candidate rather than voting for him as for his personal achievements and stability in recent years. Also, those who will vote for the other - they are already known to believe that elections are not legitimate.

Even if we assume that there is such a magic technology that will allow everyone to take and easy to check every votes cast and the results of its end - it makes no difference. You can always declare the majority of duped and continue to challenge the results of their ad.

I do not understand how in this situation, we can talk about any elections. Society of Haskalah, politicized and divided. Compromise is not possible, the rules of the game knocked. If you and all your friends vote for Putin, then you zamorochennaya bydlota or bureaucratic thieves and you just feel sorry for. If you vote for someone else, then you are a small number does not decisive against the backdrop of a huge country orange scum.

Chosen to ignore even the right choices. One opposing side wiped out the line ' against all ', the other assures that any non-arrival - a voice in the government treasury. nastily.

I have long thought. I've been in every election since, when I was 18 years old. I honestly put a check based on the individual and no one imposed by the choice of. I myself participated in the election commission, and have never seen anyone inject protocols or rules Newsletters. I have many friends who are on both sides of the fence, and is honest and admit that those who support Putin, not bydlota and thieves and people who have achieved something over the years and just claim the status quo and more. As well as those who are against, not the orange scum, and adequate and decent people who grew up in the 2000s, still believe that we can teach people not to steal, if you start with the head, tired of the tenure of power and they want some . They are smaller, but they are very active.

So I thought and thought and decided that well, you in the ass with your election. Who would I not have given a voice, it will not change anything in the minds of those who stand on both sides of the fence, instead of something useful to do. Some people still cry out that ... And to spend time on it, then to think for thirty seconds, when you ask ' Who are you voting for? ' I do not need. I'll answer that I sent to fuck, and those and other. Quickly and fairly. Because I respect both points of view, but not accept any of them. It is not the absence of choice. The case in the absence of rules of the game. And in the game with no rules, I do not play.

And yes, today is the day of silence, so that you dick, not comments.

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