четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Email Extractor. How to extract emails from websites.

I am going to write a post about cool tool named email extractor I came across recently. It extracts email addresses from websites, blogs and forums. The best way to sell your product/service is to extract emails from websites and send advertisement to people directly by email address, phone.

Email extractor can also search emails in mail boxes, files , and so on. Have you ever investigated where your potential customers are on internet ? they are are on websites like social networks, forums, blogs. Sometimes you don't know websites you need to extract emails from but you might have relevant and domain specific keywords describing your potential customers. All you need to do is to type keywords in the in application and press start button inside email extractor.

They all have emails. Without doubts people leave contact information on websites open. Sometimes you don't need to scan and extract emails form the whole site . Just enter pages urls and email extractor will do the work for you. You can extract all contacts like email addresses scan all files on your disk and extract.

How to collect their contact information such as emails from websites like blogs and forums ? One of the ways is to search them manually by using any search engine. Email extractor may harvest email addresses on blogs, forums, Facebook, Youtube or in any other place where customers are concentrated. What if you have a great product/service you create and you don't know how to make it famous. How to reach your audience/customers? You have to advertise it somehow.

Extract emails from sites Enter the site name you want to extract email addresses. You might not know where your leads hang on Use these keywords in email extractor and it will find all of them in search engine like google. Email extractor tool is useful if you need to contact people and boast about your products.

понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

Following the Web 2.0 Internet Web 3.0 will be

European researchers, from 2006. working on a project to create custom wireless network WIP, proposed the concept of Web 3. 0, writes popular science publication Physorg. If the idea is implemented, even inexperienced users can combine their web links, as well as to deploy wireless LANs.

The concept of Web 3. 0 almost no overlap with the popular concept of Web 2. 0, implying that the service users themselves create the content, discuss it, assess and manage them. Many Internet resources, used the features of traditional Web, recently moved to the technology associated with Web 2. 0.

The new concept includes separation of the individual user and its IP- address as the wireless network is the same, you can often change their address. Thus, the data will be delivered by moving from network to network users at all times on different routes.

The project consists of three parts - custom applications, routing protocols, and physical implementation technologies.

Currently, Web 3. 0 driven around in the laboratories. The combination of its individual elements into a single product is scheduled for 2009, writes annews. ru.

суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Without false modesty.

Today is the first time in my life, I drove to sign a contract without negotiations. People have a presentation, and at once all agreed. They said - Bring the contract will be signed. Without any kind of negotiations were. When that contract for them and they are custom we will pay for the service that they have no one helped. That is based on the presentation they had to decide:.

  1. With this service they need;.

  2. That they are willing to pay so much;.

  3. That they are willing to work with us all on our terms.

Nice, dammit. And special thanks to our designer.

среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

There may be a high-profile transactions in Ukraine M

Survey on ... Within two weeks his opinion on the matter expressed by one-fifth the subscriber to my blog. As expected, voting was skewed toward the pessimistic assessments. Thus, only 16% of respondents believe that high-profile mergers and acquisitions are possible later this year. Exactly 20 % are skeptical and believe that such deals are possible, but later. Over a quarter of respondents assessed the possibility of such events as unlikely, and 36 % believe that raise this question at the present time due to general ill- nullity of the domestic solar energy market.

For its part, would suggest that at least one takeover or merger of interests this year, still possible. There are several options here. First, as we know, the structures close to the brothers Klyuev - owners of Go Solar, last month showed a great interest in the plant ... Secondly, there remains a chance to call in the Ukraine of foreign investors interested in domestic production in the light of the last. News of the talks with Macedonia. As far as I know, another major domestic company has already shown a desire to participate in this project. Third, in the case of positive decision on the construction of solar power plants have several options combining the interests of both foreign companies and domestic players, ... At the same chances to participate in the construction is at such companies as. Activ Solar. ,. quasar. and. SolarUA.

In any case, we will follow with interest the news of the market and looks forward to its rapid growth.

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Aircraft carrier Varyag Kitaiyskiy

In particular, the carrier had four antennas with active phased array of Chinese development. Model of radar, which is used on an aircraft carrier did not specify. According to the magazine, set to ... In addition, the ship was loaded with electronic equipment. Presumably, the ...

... It is a cannon with a 30- mm block of ten rotating shafts. On an aircraft carrier as the ship was installed anti-aircraft missile FL-3000N, is capable of hitting air targets at ranges of up to nine kilometers. The complex includes a launcher of 24 missiles, whose diameter is 12 inches, and length - two meters.