среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

There may be a high-profile transactions in Ukraine M

Survey on ... Within two weeks his opinion on the matter expressed by one-fifth the subscriber to my blog. As expected, voting was skewed toward the pessimistic assessments. Thus, only 16% of respondents believe that high-profile mergers and acquisitions are possible later this year. Exactly 20 % are skeptical and believe that such deals are possible, but later. Over a quarter of respondents assessed the possibility of such events as unlikely, and 36 % believe that raise this question at the present time due to general ill- nullity of the domestic solar energy market.

For its part, would suggest that at least one takeover or merger of interests this year, still possible. There are several options here. First, as we know, the structures close to the brothers Klyuev - owners of Go Solar, last month showed a great interest in the plant ... Secondly, there remains a chance to call in the Ukraine of foreign investors interested in domestic production in the light of the last. News of the talks with Macedonia. As far as I know, another major domestic company has already shown a desire to participate in this project. Third, in the case of positive decision on the construction of solar power plants have several options combining the interests of both foreign companies and domestic players, ... At the same chances to participate in the construction is at such companies as. Activ Solar. ,. quasar. and. SolarUA.

In any case, we will follow with interest the news of the market and looks forward to its rapid growth.

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